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Unique Corporate Lighting Solutions

LightShapes™ are the newest unique decorative indoor and outdoor lighting solution! LightSpheres™  spheres that are crafted using hexagons and pentagons to create a durable, high quality well LIT ball or sphere of brilliant light!

Bring New Light Into Your Decoration
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LightShapes™ Uses:

  • Christmas Lighting
  • Office Buildings 
  • Outdoor Festive Décor
  • Atmospheric Ambience 
  • Indoor Christmas Decorations


See the versatility of LightShapes products in various settings and applications. 


Flagship Product: The LightSphere™ - View Our LightShapes Product Line Now

15 Inch and 6 Inch Light Spheres
Colored Mini Light Strings

LightShapes Corporate Lighting At Kodak Headquarters in Rochester New York for Christmas 2007 Decorations. Total 45 fifteen inch LightSpheres. See More Photos

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